BoAt Rockerz 450 vs 450 Pro | Which is Better?

Both Bluetooth connectivity and an AUX input are available on the Boat Rockerz 450. The same headphones also have an AUX mode and a Bluetooth mode because the fun never ends. The Boat 450 Pro is a high-performance on-ear Bluetooth headset that feels comfortable in your hands and seems to have been made for music lovers. An AUX wire can be used to enhance wired sound quality in addition to wireless networking. It has many controls to manage the calls, video, audio, and access the most affordable smart speaker. Get ready to be mesmerised by the Boat 450 Pro’s rapidly improving aesthetic as well as its pumping system sound. Read the articles to find out more about Boat Rockerz 450 and Boat Rockerz 450 Pro.

Boat Rockerz 450 Vs 450 Pro: Comparison Table

SpecificationsBoat Rockerz 450Boat Rockerz 450 Pro 
Model NameRockerz 450Rockerz 450 Pro
Launching Year20192021
Product Dimension8 x 18.2 x 17.6 cm8 x 18.2 x 17.6 cm
Weight168 grams168 grams
ColourBlanched Almond, Black, Light BlueBlack, Aqua Blue, Beige
Connector Type/ ConnectorWireless/ BluetoothWireless/ Bluetooth
Generic NameHeadphonesHeadphones
Headphone TypeOn-EarOn-Ear Headphones
Driver TypeMoving Coil DriverMoving Coil Driver
Driver Size40 mm40 mm
Battery Capacity300 mAh750 mAh
Battery Average Life400 hours500-600 hours
Charging Time1.5 hours2.5 hours
Bluetooth Versionv4.2v5.0
Bluetooth CompatibilityAll Bluetooth DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices
Bluetooth Range10 m10 m
Frequency20 Hz – 20,000 Hz2.4 GHz – 2.480 GHz
Online Price RangesRs.1,499Rs.1,999
Customer Ratings3.5/54.1/5


The two models are similar in design and features, but there are some differences. Both also have Bluetooth v5.0 and IPX7 dust and sweat resistance. The standard edition has stereo speakers while the 450 Pro has 40mm dynamic drivers. The 450 Pro comes with a single-button control and a volume knob. Its dual connectivity modes, Bluetooth v4.2 and AUX, and integrated control with a built-in microphone are all excellent features. The battery life is good, too, at fifteen hours. With its 40mm driver, it delivers an unbeatable sound quality. Whether you’re playing your favorite song or just listening to your favorite artist, you’ll be able to experience every nuance of their sound.

When it comes to the looks of the headphones, the 450 Pro is more attractive. Both have shiny matte headbands and earcups. The headbands of both headphones can be adjusted to accommodate different head sizes. They are also lightweight and comfortable. The 450 Pro is slightly more expensive than the standard model. It has a larger microphone and AUX port, and a more convenient design. It also comes with a universal Type-C cable. Both models have a good battery life. The 450 Pro can play music for 70 hours at 60 percent volume.

If you’re in the market for a Bluetooth headphone, you’ll probably want to purchase the 450 Pro if you can’t live without the bass. The 450 Pro features a 40mm driver and provides thumping bass with a sleek design. The 450 Pro also has Bluetooth v5.0, as well as a wired AUX port. Both headsets offer good battery life and are designed to be portable. However, the 450 Pro suffers from some durability problems and may not be comfortable to wear for long periods.

However, the 450 Pro is better for exercising and running and has a longer battery. It also charges faster and has a foldable design. Both headsets are great for music lovers and come with 40mm drivers for signature sound and bass. BoAt Rockerz 450 Pro features a large 40mm driver, Bluetooth v5, and fast charging. It also has a 3.5mm jack and a soft ear cushion. Its lightweight design is another plus point. And the 450 Pro also has active voice assistant support.

Some Quick Tech Specifications

ParticularsBoat Rockerz 450Boat Rockerz 450 Pro Which one is better?
ASAP TechnologyYesYesAny
Battery CapacityGoodAmazingBoat Rockerz 450 Pro
Water-proofNAIPX7Boat Rockerz 450 Pro
Deep BassYesYesAny

My Personal Evaluations

Rockerz 450:

  • Bass in the Boat Rockerz 450 is unmatched.
  • Excellent internet access is available.
  • The battery level is shown when it is linked to the phone.
  • Both the construction quality and the design are excellent.
  • The Matt’s practical earcups and sleek black appearance make it a great choice.

Rockerz 450 Pro Boat:

  • Due to its extraordinary battery life and quick charging time, it can run for miles.
  • The ear cushion enhances the comfort of music listening.
  • Because to the outstanding sound quality, there are no ear pains.
  • Due to its ability to fold inward, it is in fact portable.
  • Additionally, it folds toward the sides, making it easier and more trustworthy to keep on a table.

Active Noise Cancellation Technology

Headphones with ANC will help you get there whether you want to spend the trip catching up on a podcast, listening to your favourite music, or just filtering out the noise so you can enjoy travelling in solitude. The battery life of your headphones will be reduced if ANC is enabled. Therefore, you can disable ANC to conserve battery life if you don’t care too much about noise when travelling for a long time. In order to tune out of a busy aeroplane and into your own soundscape, the best headphones for flying would be those with hybrid ANC. These headphones will act on both low frequency noises, such as the deep rumbling of an aircraft, and on higher frequencies, like human voices.

Along with having strong bass, the Rockerz 450 and 450 Pro also provide passive noise cancellation or noise isolation. Unlike the most contemporary wireless headphones, they do not entirely block out background sounds. Simply put, it’s a wireless headphone. Speakers and microphones are used in active noise cancellation to lessen ambient noise. The most popular kind, these are typically found in over-ear headphones. It is now possible to use technology in truly wireless in-ear earphones since it has shrunk so much and become so battery-efficient.

Water & Dust Resistance

If you want to know what a product can withstand, regardless of whether it is branded as sweat-resistant, sweatproof, water-resistant, or waterproof, you should search for its “IP” rating. You may find out how much water and dust exposure a device is approved to resist by looking for the IP rating, which is denoted by two numbers or one number and a “x,” such as “IPX7.” The Boat 450 Pro is perfect for sports and outdoor activities because to its IPX7 dust and water protection. The Boat Rockerz 450, on the other hand, is not water resistant, therefore it cannot survive water or water splashes.

Sound System

The 40-mm drivers in the Rockerz 450 and Boat 450 Pro deliver a captivating, engrossing listening experience that allows consumers to finally appreciate their music and contributes to a more experiential musical knowledge for the user. In order to allow one’s perspectives to become clearer, one should plunge deeper into sound, through convenience, and with both the adventurous run of success of one beat. Believing that something greater is moving through our veins and the rhythm section is what takes us to another realm.

Bluetooth Compatibility

The Boat 450’s Bluetooth version 4.2 is compatible with all Bluetooth gadgets. The Boat 450 Pro headsets have Bluetooth version 5.0 built in, enabling incredibly quick broadband connections. The distance between the two devices is 10 metres. Lower Bluetooth versions are backwards compatible with Bluetooth 5. This means that a 5.0 phone can simply be used with Bluetooth 4.2 headphones. The drawback is that the device’s features can only be fully utilised with the older Bluetooth version.

The Bluetooth 5 features, however, can only be utilised if both devices have the 5.0 version. Dual Audio is one of these features. One phone can be used to connect two sets of headphones. could use two speakers and play music from one phone. Unfortunately, Bluetooth 5 devices are the only ones that support Dual Audio. When connecting with a Bluetooth 4.2 device, you are unable to use this feature.


Today, headphones are much more than just a fashion piece. It is a natural extension of who a person is. Today, having at least one pair of headphones has gone from being a luxury to a need. Each music lover’s life also has a specific space for headphones. It’s simple to believe speakers or a new amp are more vital investments than headphones. But browsing a few sales and perusing a few reviews won’t do when it comes to choosing the best set of headphones.

The flexible materials and distinctive style of the Boat 450 and 450 Pro headphones will turn attention. This Boat headset has warm and accommodating earcups that are intended to provide a relaxing audio experience because the warmth one’s ears feel while the headsets are already on them greatly influences how happy one truly feels after listening to one’s favourite music. The Boat has made significant development thanks to its sleek, comfort-fit style, which is covered in a fashionable matte finish that has to look good and stay that way.

Things’s better to arm yourself with professional knowledge than to leave it to chance, even if you’re on a low budget. This informative step-by-step manual should help you get the most value for your money whether you’re spending a small amount of money or a large sum. This is how we purchase new earbuds, on-ears, or full-sized cans.

Battery Life

The headphone’s enormously potent 750mAh battery, which offers an absurdly long playing time of up to 70 hours, makes us think that it won’t be used very often. Users could start innovating and improving right away with up to ten hours of playback in just ten minutes. The 300mAh battery in the Boat Rockerz 450 Pro has a 500-hour standby time. The volume-based battery lasts for a very long time. After two to three hours of charging, it is fully charged. driven by a full ASAP control that consistently delivers. With only 10 minutes of charging, get 10 hours of effectiveness.


An improved version of the original Boat Rockerz 450 is the Boat Rockerz 450 Pro. As a result, both include features for their sound systems and essentially identical designs. Although passive noise cancelling is provided by the absence of an ANC, the Boat 450 does not really benefit from this feature. There is no waterproof covering on it. Extremely robust and capable of withstanding accidental submersion in water is the Boat 450 Pro. Because of the Boat 450 Pro’s exceptional battery capacity and long lifespan, we can play for extended periods. We can bring it wherever we go because of the lengthy battery life.


Does Rockerz 450 Pro resist water?

Yes, the IPX7 dust and water resistance of the Rockerz 450 Pro on-ear headphones makes them ideal for outdoor activities and sports.

Is BoAt 450 has noise cancelling feature?

With the TRebel Rockerz 450, bass up your world while listening to music nonstop for up to 8 hours. With the aid of powerful noise cancellation, block out all the detractors and tune into your own rules.

What is passive noise cancellation?

Well-designed ear cups are used in passive noise cancellation to block out unwanted noise. This applies to both in-ear and over-the-ear headphones, and the earbud itself will block out external sounds. Speakers and microphones are used in Active Noise Cancellation to lessen ambient noise.

What in nirvana in BoAt?

The company’s first wireless headphones with active noise cancellation are the boAt Nirvana. To turn on noise cancelling, press a specific button. BoAt has expanded its selection of headphones yet again.

Does Rockerz 450 have microphone?

40MM Drivers, Padded Ear Cushions, Integrated Controls, and Dual Modes are all features of the boAt Rockerz 450 Bluetooth On Ear Headphones with Mic (Luscious Black)


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