Realme Buds Q2 Neo Earbuds Review

EarBuds are a must-have for all people who want to be able to listen to music while they work. They provide great sound quality and are very comfortable. However, some people may have problems with the earbuds because they do not fit well. The Realme EarBuds Q2 Neo are a great option for people who are looking for a good pair of earbuds that will fit well and provide great sound quality.

My Realme Buds Q2 Neo Review is a brief introduction to the new pair of headphones from the Realme brand. This review will focus on their battery backup, sound quality, and price. I hope that you’ll find it helpful! I have heard a lot of different reviews for the Realme Buds Q2, so I’m happy to share my findings.

What are the specifications of the new Realme Buds Q2 Neo?

  • With Mic:Yes
  • Bluetooth version: 5.2
  • Wireless range: 10 m
  • Battery life: 20 hrs | Charging time: 2 hrs
  • 10mm Dynamic Bass Boost Driver
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation | 20hrs Playtime
  • IPX4 Water Resistant | 88ms Super Low Latency
  • Intelligent Touch Controls

Realme Buds Q2 Neo

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo are a pair of earphones that offer up to 20 hours of playtime. They feature a 10 mm driver with Bass Boost+ and a PEEk+TPU polymer diaphragm. Other highlights of this pair of earphones include 88 ms latency, which helps in achieving perfect audio-video sync.

Realme Buds Q2s are equipped with Bluetooth v5.2 and support both SBC and AAC audio codecs. They also support Google Fast Pair, which helps you connect to your device within seconds. They are also IPX5-rated and feature voice assistant support. One downside to the Realme Buds Q2s is their lack of ANC and multipoint connectivity.

Realme Buds Q2s are very affordable and feature a transparent design. They also offer thirty hours of battery life. They also have decent sound quality for their price. The Realme Buds Q2s are priced at Rs. 1,999. However, if you are looking for a pair of ANC-compatible headphones, you should definitely look for the OnePlus Buds Z.

The Realme Buds Q2s have a long battery life. They can last up to seven hours, though this will depend on the volume you play at. The Realme Buds Q2s come with a charging case. This case adds an extra three-hour charge to your headphones. The charging case also features fast charging support. A quick 10-minute charge can give you three hours of playback time.

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo Review has found that the headphones’ battery life is impressive. I was able to test them for four hours and fifteen minutes, at 70 percent volume. The battery life is impressive for this price range. In addition, Realme Buds Q2s also have a fast charge feature, so you can expect your Realme Buds to stay charged for up to 10 days.

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo are a pair of ANC earphones that offer decent performance for their price. The pair is equipped with active noise cancellation. The pair of ANC earbuds is also very affordable, so they are an excellent option for those looking for an inexpensive pair.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of Realme Buds Q2 Neo is decent enough, but not great. While the default sound profile is warm and balanced, bass sounds are not very prominent. The highs are also fairly balanced, but they can sound harsh at high volumes. Instrument separation and detail are also acceptable.

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo have a good battery life and reliable connectivity, which makes them a decent headset for calls. They also come with a low-latency mode, which helps in improving the responsiveness of mobile games. However, the latency reduction is not significant enough to noticeably improve the sound quality when playing competitive multiplayer games.

While the Realme Buds Q2 Neo’s audio quality is excellent, the build quality could use some improvement. The Q2’s design and size also make them more bulky than the Realme Buds Q. They are also larger than their predecessors, and they have a similar design as the Buds Q sub-range. The earbuds themselves weigh 4.5g each. The ANC features help you control the background noise while listening to music.

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo’s audio quality is decent for casual listening. Although there’s a little bass emphasis, it’s clear enough to listen to most genres with ease. The bass does not have as much punch as some of its rivals, but it is as good as it can be for the price.

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo has decent battery life, delivering about seven hours of music playback on a single charge. The charging case provides three more charges, making the overall playtime for these headphones up to 30 hours. The Realme Buds Q2 Neo also supports fast charging. This means you can recharge them in just 10 minutes.


The Realme Buds Q2 Neo are an excellent pair of Bluetooth earbuds that offer a long playtime of up to 20 hours. They also feature a bass Boost+ 10 mm driver and a PEEk+TPU polymer diaphragm for a richer audio experience. Lastly, the Realme Buds Q2 Neo’s 88 ms latency guarantees perfect audio-video sync.

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo offers up to 20 hours of playback on a single charge, with the battery life being up to four times longer than the previous generation. This is an impressive amount of playback time, and the headset is also equipped with an in-line volume control and a multi-function button.

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo are Bluetooth 5.0 headphones, featuring an in-ear design, a ten-millimeter bass Boost driver in each bud, and 88ms low latency. They also support Realme Link, a companion app for music and video streaming, and have an IPX5 rating. They come in black and blue colors, and are also equipped with touch controls.

You can buy the Realme Buds Q2 Neo True Wireless Earbuds from Flipkart. However, the 90mobiles website is not responsible for the products sold by third-party sellers. So, please read the product description carefully before you buy the earbuds.

Battery life

Realme is known for a variety of accessories for its phones, including the Realme Buds Q2 Neo earbuds. These earphones are marketed as having a 20-hour battery life. Each bud houses a 40mAh battery, and the case itself houses a 400mAh battery. They are claimed to have a three-hour single-use calling time, a five-hour music playback time, and an 88ms super-low latency gaming mode. They are also water-resistant.

The battery life of the Realme Buds Q2 Neo is a big plus for these wireless earbuds. They can last up to five hours without a charge, and up to seven hours with active noise cancellation enabled. They also have a 10-minute fast charging time, and an in-line volume control and multi-function button.

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo feature 10mm drivers and a polymer composite diaphragm for high-quality sound. They also support AI Environment Noise Cancellation to block out unwanted background noise, which makes them perfect for calls. They also feature a low-latency mode that improves mobile game response time, but lowers sound quality. This feature isn’t significant enough to make this headset a good option for multiplayer games.

Another bonus is the Realme Link app. This app allows you to update and customize your Realme Buds Q2 headphones, choose different sound profiles, and manage battery life. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store. If you don’t want to download the app, you can also use it directly on the phone.

In terms of battery life, the Realme Buds Q2 Neo has a battery life of 28 hours, which is pretty impressive for a pair of headphones. Its battery life also matches its price tag of Rs. 2,499. Whether or not the Realme Buds Q2 Neo is the right choice for you depends on your personal preference, but they are definitely worth the price. There are a few other headphones out there that offer a similar battery life and are also quite affordable.

Bass quality

The bass quality of the Realme Buds Q2 Neo is good enough for casual listening. Its bass emphasizes the bass, making it perfect for electronic and hip-hop music. Despite its bass emphasis, the headphones struggle to separate vocal tracks from instruments like drums and guitar composition. This is especially noticeable with jazz music.

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo’s bass is fairly decent, and it supports ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology, which blocks external noise. The device also has a low latency gaming mode, and supports Dolby Atmos. Unfortunately, Realme does not offer Active Noise Cancellation, but it does have a Transparency feature.

Bass quality is solid for a budget model. It’s not as punchy as on more expensive models, but it’s still good enough to hear conversations or listen to music. It’s also reasonably loud, and can handle music with fast tempos and high levels. Realme Buds Q2 Neo headphones’ bass isn’t as punchy as some other earbuds, but it’s as good as it gets for the price.

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo also have an impressive range of features. The earbuds can be used for calls and are compatible with Bluetooth v3. The headphones are also capable of playing mobile games with low latency. However, this mode also means lower sound quality, and thus may not be useful for competitive multiplayer games. But overall, the Realme Buds Q2 Neo have a lot of advantages over the boAt Airdopes 141 headphones.

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo features a 10mm bass boost driver. Moreover, they have an ENC feature that minimizes the effects of external noise. They also have an IPX5 rating and up to 20 hours of battery life. The Bluetooth-compatible device is lightweight and durable, and has a sleek design.

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo is a good option for those who want to enjoy music on the go. They have decent battery life, with a four-hour battery run at 70-80 percent volume. Another great feature is the Fast Pair technology, which allows the buds to connect to your smartphone with ease. They can also be used for games, with the added bonus of being waterproof.

Companion app

With a battery life of two hours and three minutes, the Realme Buds Q2 Neo provides you with a good amount of time to listen to your favorite music. This device’s battery life is quite decent considering its relatively low price and impressive performance. The headphones feature 40mAh cells in each earbud for long playback times.

The Bluetooth-enabled headphones have an IPX4 sweat and water-resistant rating. They also come with a companion app that allows you to customize and control the features of your headset. You can switch between sound profiles, set the match method, and even increase or decrease the volume.

The Realme Buds Q2 Neo’s lid features a Realme logo that sits behind a plastic window, giving them a distinctive look. They are available in the classic Galaxy White color. The earbuds themselves are made from all-plastic materials with a glossy in-ear part and a matte case and stem. The earbuds are lightweight and easy to hold.

The Companion app for Realme Buds is designed to work with both iOS and Android. The app allows you to pair your headphones to your phone and control the device’s volume. You can also update the firmware through the app. The Realme Link app is a comprehensive app with features to help you customize your headset.

The Realme Buds Q2 are Bluetooth 5.2 compliant. Once paired, they will automatically connect to your phone. Using this app, you can adjust the volume and switch between different sound profiles and modes. Once paired, the headsets will automatically detect when you take off your headphones and resume playing the music.

The Companion app for Realme Buds is an essential part of using these buds. This app helps you customize the earbuds to fit your lifestyle. It allows you to listen to music from your phone, watch movies from the web, and more. You can also use it to play music and podcasts while you work. With Realme’s companion app, you can listen to music through your earbuds while you’re on the go.


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